Bags of Shavings

We sell kiln dried screened pine shavings in 4 cubic ft. bags which average 45 lbs. per bag.  We have a large inventory of bags on hand at all times and require no minimum purchase if picked up at our Wayne, Oklahoma location.

Bags of shavings can also be purchased by the pallet.  Each pallet contains 39-40 bags.

For customers that require large quantities of shavings, we offer Pup Trailers of 450 floor loaded bags or Semi-Trailers of 900 Floor Loaded Bags.  Trailers will remain onsite for up to 6 weeks until you are ready for more.

Bulk Shavings

We sell bulk shavings by the cubic yard.  Any quantity can be picked up at our Wayne, Oklahoma location.  We also offer deliveries to your location in the following quantities:

20 Cubic Yards delivered via Bobtail/Dump Trailer

110 Cubic Yards delivered via Semi Trailer

70 Cubic Yards delivered via Pup Trailer which will remain onsite until you are ready for more

Delivery is available to Oklahoma, Southern Kansas, Northern Texas, and Western Arkansas.  Contact us to schedule a delivery to your location.  Nationwide delivery is available soon.

Not located near our location in Wayne, Oklahoma? Click HERE  for a list of our Distributors.