Bedding Pellets

We produce 100% pine bedding pellets that have consistent texture, are highly absorbent, and environmentally friendly. Pellets are sold in 40 lb. bags that may be picked up in any quantity at our Wayne, Oklahoma location.

Pellets can also be purchased by the pallet. Each pallet contains 50 bags. Delivery is available.

Burning Pellets

Our product has been tested & certified at 8500 BTU per pound of pellets, which is more economical for home heating than gas or electricity. Burning pellets are sold in 40 lb. bags or by pallets of 50 bags.

Delivery is available to Oklahoma, Southern Kansas, Northern Texas, and Western Arkansas.  Contact us to schedule a delivery to your location.  Nationwide delivery available soon.  Minimum quantity is required for delivery.

Not located near our location in Wayne, Oklahoma? Click HERE  for a list of our Distributors.